Its OK Not to Be OK …Hear the Near-Tragic Story From This Bridge Jumper


“The millisecond my hands left the rail, it was an instant regret.”

These words were what Kevin Hines said after he jumped off the Golden Gate Bridge. Fortunately, he escaped death, making him part of the less than 1 percent population of survivors.


The Golden Gate Bridge is among the most popular places in the world to commit suicide. Since it was opened, it is reported that more than 2,000 people have jumped here. So to somehow help reduce the numbers, Hines shared his story. He is hoping that his tale can inspire and motivate others to seek help before resorting to suicide.

When he was young, Hines had a hard time because he had to move from one home to another. He also added, “I was born on drugs and premature.”


One day, he found himself in the home of Patrick and Debi Hines, where he tried to mend his childhood. But when he turned 17, he encountered various mental issues, which caused him to crash and burn.


He recalled how he came up with the decision to commit suicide. He said, “I vividly remember writing my suicide note.” Then he rode a bus to the Golden Gate Bridge. When he was near, he got off and began walking slowly toward the walkway.




“People rode by me, drove by me, walked by me, and a woman approached me,” he said. She then asked him to take her picture and walked away.


At that moment, he told himself, “The reality was that, everybody cared, I just couldn’t see it.” So he jumped off from the bridge.

“In four seconds, I fell 75 miles an hour, 25 stories, and I hit the water. I was in the most physical pain I had ever experienced,” said Hines.




Fortunately, the Coast Guard was there to respond and take him out of the water. He was immediately brought to a local hospital.


While in the hospital, Hines told his father, “Dad, I’m sorry.” He just replied, “No, Kevin. I’m sorry.”

Because of what happened, the members of his family were always anxious. In fact, every day, when the phone rings, his father would always ask, “Is Kevin alive?”


“I had that impact on my dad,” he said.

At the moment, Kevin is receiving treatment for mental illness. But now he has better coping mechanisms.




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So if ever you find yourself thinking about suicide, he advised that you should talk to someone. Speak to anyone immediately or just call the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 1-800-273-8255.

“It’s okay not to be okay. It’s not okay not to ask someone not to back you up. Recovery happens. I’m living proof,” Kevin cited.



Watch Hines in the video below.

Here are other suicide prevention clips:


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