Kind Hearted Santa ‘Takes a Nap’ with Exhausted Kid …Too Cute!


Santa Claus will forever be the main character for all things Christmas, and there are stories all over the world that show how the man in the red suit goes beyond to let others experience a truly merry holiday. This story is no different.


Before two-year-old Ryland got to meet Santa Claus in Belden Village Mall, he fell asleep as a result of a seizure. He often has these episodes because this toddler is diagnosed with epilepsy and spastic quadriplegia cerebral palsy. On top of that, Ryland is visually impaired and cannot speak. Oftentimes, his condition leaves him exhausted, so Samantha figured her son wouldn’t probably wake up just to take a snap with Santa.


So Santa had a perfect plan for the picture. When he saw the little boy was asleep, he decided to play along and just pretended to be asleep too. The photo was both adorable and heartwarming. It looked like they had actually taken a nap together.




Samantha knows that despite the seizures and the need for medical attention, she’ll never let it get in the way of her child’s right to experience happiness.


Ryland experiences up to six seizures in a day, and he depends on a caregiver to attend to his basic needs.

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“We know the chance of him having a seizure while we’re out is there,” Samantha told WKYC. But even though many challenges are thrown at the family’s way, they draw optimism from Ryland’s smile and optimism.

“It doesn’t take much to make him smile,” his mother adds.



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Ryland is still subjected to medical care. He is on a strict diet and constantly needs attention, especially when it comes to keeping him safe. Seizures pose high risks for choking and even death.


But Ryland’s family knows that the best thing that can happen in his life is finding miracles through happiness—and it looks like this little sleepyhead found that with Santa.



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