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Lady Gaga Gives Homeless Man a Rose, Money, and a Photo to Keep


She sings about Bloody Mary, monsters, and Judas, but this singer is far from the image the titles of her songs depict. Aside from encouraging you to brave all circumstances and show who you really are because you’re born that way, Lady Gaga has a soft heart not everyone sees and this story will prove that to you.

Lady Gaga

Photos of the twenty-nine-year-old singer went viral after she talked to homeless man, gave him a rose and money, and took a photo with him. When the dude said, “I smell,” she replied, “Don’t worry, I smell too.”
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The man gave Lady Gaga a ring, and she wore it happily like she just got engaged.

Helping The Homeless

Fans passed the photos around to show people that there’s more to the singer than what our eyes meet. One netizen even commented, “She is so much more than just a posptar. I love her personality and what she stands for. It made her one of my personal idols.”

Gaga being given a ring

Reportedly, the man met the singer again three months later and returned the favor. In the photo below, he is seen handing her a flower.

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There are other people like Lady Gaga who care enough about the needy and the homeless to lend them more than a helping hand.
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