Lego Introduces First-Ever Wheelchair-Bound Minifigure


Lego is one of the most beloved toy manufacturers in history. The company has given various generations a lot of toys, which have various themes that range from air ships to movie-themed Lego. Now the massive toy company has unveiled a new figure that is surely making waves: a man in a wheelchair.

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The breakthrough is bringing joy to disability advocates everywhere. This includes Toy Like Me, a campaign that calls out toy companies to be more diverse.

“We’ve got genuine tears of joy right now,” the campaign organizers said after the big reveal.


The figure is a man in a wheelchair fashioned with a knitted cap and a gray hoodie. He is part of a collection called Lego City and even comes with a service dog.


Promobricks was the first to share the images, which are set to be on sale by June this year. This comes on the heels of petition calling for Lego to add figures that reflect real-life people in their collections like ones with disabilities. The petition has received 20,000 signatures.


“It’s pretty momentous, even though it’s just a little toy,” co-founder of Toy Like Me, Rebecca Atkinson, told The Mighty. “It’s about the message behind it, which is far, far bigger than a little one-inch-tall plastic guy.”

But this has not been the first time that Lego has debuted a figure in the wheelchair. The first had been for Lego Duplo, a sub-brand focused on preschool children. The figure was of an elderly man in a wheelchair, which drew criticism for sending a message that only elders ride wheelchairs.


“The message behind it is far bigger than a little one-inch-tall plastic guy,” Toy Like Me said in their twitter page.

The announcement came as a fun-filled day for new anchors over at the Today Show too as they received very miniature Lego figures that have 3-D prints of their faces.


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