Tragedy Struck This Family …See How the Community Is Helping Them Heal


Life is beautiful but can be tragic at the same time. Every day, someone dies while a new human being is born. But we can’t escape it. Death has always been the circle of life.

However, there are times when life does unimaginably terrible things—like taking our loved ones away from us when we least expect it.

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A devoted husband and a proud father of nine, Shawn Kelley was unfortunately killed due to a tree-cutting accident. He was the breadwinner of his family, since Margaret, his wife, was jobless and just went back to school in hopes of becoming a nurse practitioner.

To make matters worse, the incident happened a few days before Christmas, which would make it harder for the family to enjoy the holidays.

But the family from Colerain Township in Hamilton County, Ohio, isn’t alone in this fight, and the whole Colerain community is doing their part to make Christmas still a merry one for them. People set up projects to help Margaret and her kids. They encourage everyone to drop off help of any kind at Shawn’s previous workplace. A GoFundMe account was started for them too, which, so far, has raised $7,000.

A family member’s death is not easy to handle, and it won’t be any different for the Kelleys. But with what the community did for them, the burden they are carrying will get a little lighter.

Here is a video of their story below

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