Subway Passenger Gives Homeless Man a Beanie and the Shirt Off His Back


A kindhearted citizen was pictured giving a shirtless homeless man his own tee and beanie while riding on a subway in New York.

Cities like New York, which are too big and crowded, are described as “impersonal.” Talking to strangers is almost even considered a sort of a crime, but this good Samaritan stood up to do something that proved humanity knows no rules.

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When this hero saw the topless disoriented man on the train, he took his shirt off and offered it to the shivering old fellow, leaving only a thin vest on.

Probably thinking about the wide gap in social status between the two of them, the homeless man was shocked at first with the man’s approach. But when his purpose became clear to him, he gladly accepted his offer.

Because it was a very unexpected act of kindness, considering the nature of the place, people quickly took notice of what was going on and someone even filmed the heartwarming moment.

But it didn’t just end there. The man then proceeded to do his last gesture of concern. He put his black beanie on the homeless man’s head.

Obviously delighted with what the stranger did, the homeless man kept on touching his new shirt while watching his hero get off the train.

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