Man Searches Shelter For His Dog …What Happened Next Is Unbelievable


Timothy Lucas and his adorable dog Moe has been living on the city streets of Lafayette, Indiana, for weeks. Realizing winter was fast approaching, Lucas knew he had to find a cozy place to keep themselves warm.

Although he was able find a shelter for him to stay at, sad to say, it doesn’t allow dogs in. But Timothy wouldn’t let Moe wander the freezing streets alone, so he immediately came up with a plan. He called the local news station to make an announcement to find his dog a temporary home for the winter.

After his story was broadcast, he got over 1,000 e-mails and hundreds of phone calls all the way from New York to California. He even received offers from other neighboring countries. However, it wasn’t the only good news he received. He was also offered jobs.

Among the many offers, he accepted the one from a man who lives nearby in downtown Lafayette. Now he doesn’t have to worry about leaving Moe in the cold. He and his dog can stay there together in the man’s small apartment.



Watch Lucas and Moe’s heartwarming story below.

This is the original story shared on air:


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