Mom Comes to Old Man’s Aid, Learns It’s All for a Big Surprise Set for Her


Sometimes, a simple act of kindness will return to you as a gift that is tenfold bigger—just like how this mom comes to old man’s aid only to find herself getting an unexpected gift.

It was on what seemed to be just an ordinary Sunday morning when war veteran Bill Greenham dropped by Walmart to buy some stuff. The 89-year-old, who relied greatly on his cane to walk, found himself in a difficult situation when his bags gave out and the items he bought spilled all over the ground.

Realizing that the old man needed some help, Melissa Whittington, together with her stepson Phillip, walked toward Bill, picked up his things, and checked if he was all right.

Bill Greenham was truthfully a soldier who fought during the Second World War, but what Melissa was unaware of was that the war veteran was also a volunteer sent by the North Port Police Department to carry out an act, to pretend he needed help and see if anyone would come to his aid—something that Melissa willingly did.

The North Port PD officers installed microphones and cameras around the area outside Walmart and overheard Melissa’s conversation with a bystander, who was also a volunteer working with Bill. They heard Melissa talk about how it was recently her stepson’s birthday, but because they were financially lacking, they couldn’t buy the boy any gift.

The officers also heard that Melissa and her family didn’t have anything prepared for Christmas.

A few moments later, the officers, who just started their Operation Santa Surprise in time for Christmas, revealed themselves and surprised Melissa with little gifts.

See for yourself the moment the kind mom comes to old man’s aid without a second thought—then gets the surprise of her life, in the video below.

Watch the video below