Motorcyclist Gets Off Bike to Save Kitten from Getting Run Over by Cars


There are times when we need to step up in order to save animals.

The motorcyclist in this video could’ve just gone on her way and it would’ve just been a normal day. But when the woman saw a kitten in the middle of the intersection, she knew that she was there for all the right reasons.

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The motorcyclist happened to be in the right place and at the right time when this kitten showed up. If it weren’t for her, the feline could’ve gotten injured or, worse, died.


She rescued the small animal from getting run over by passing cars. She put it in her helmet, took her home, and even gave it a new name—Skidmark!


The female driver shared the footage of the animal rescue on Reddit, where she goes by the username Your_Brain_On_Pizza. Thanks to her heroic act, the kitten is now safe and is in good hands.

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