Multimillionaire Rents Out Mansions to Families Left Homeless by Texas Tornado for Only $1 a Month


Texas-based millionaire Ron Sturgeon knows exactly what it is like to struggle with money after years of trying to make ends meet. So when he heard that some families were left homeless after a tornado struck their area, he offered his own house as a temporary shelter for them.

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The 61-year-old businessman posted this message on his Facebook page, which garnered a lot of response:

Does anyone have friends or relatives that lost their home in Garland or other city that needs housing? I have a 10,000sf home in Colleyville (empty for sale) that I will loan to someone to stay in for up to 3 months. And an extra car they can use. No charge. The home is big enough for 2 families. The home is pet friendly with a 10-car garage to store belongings in.”

The generous offer called out to families who lost their homes and possessions in the recent tornado attack in Texas. Sturgeon was vacationing in Jamaica when the catastrophe struck.

Each house costs an accumulated worth of $3.5 million, and it includes a spacious garage that can house up to ten cars and a swimming pool.

“I was just thinking how lucky I was to have two big houses sitting vacant,” Sturgeon said. “Maybe somebody could use those while they were having their houses rebuilt.”

Each of the houses are located in upscale neighborhoods, each boosting four and five bedrooms respectively. For mobility, Sturgeon is even offering the use of his personal vehicle. He is also open to families with pet animals.

Sturgeon is doing thorough background checks for each applicant, including bank accounts and credit records. All he charges for their stays is a dollar for a month.

Many people have been left homeless on the heels of the massive tornado. Schools and commercial infrastructures have also been devastated resulting in millions of dollars worth of damages. The tornado has claimed a total of thirteen lives.

Sturgeon is one of the state’s most established millionaires. He is also notorious for his rather eccentric acts especially in social media. One of which included a job that pays $45 an hour, and all the employee needs to do is to post online about his beloved King Charles Cavaliers dogs Lance, Dixie, and Willy.

But life has not always been easy for Sturgeon. Like many self-made millionaires, he started a humble auto recycling company in 1978. During the period where auto sales were making a fortune, he sold his chain of car yards to Ford in 1999, only to buy it from the mega car company a few years later. His business savvy instincts struck him a contract with Ford to start a successful auto auction for insurers, garnering even more wealth to add to his already large numbers.

The once homeless man now holds a net worth of $75 million.

To date, Sturgeon is yet to find the family to stay in his mansions because of the many scammers.

“People are lying about where they lived, people are calling just asking for money or for loans. I’m not trying to save the world,” he said. “But I’m a realist and we try to focus on the people that need the help, and I want to cut right through the chase and help them with a great place to stay,” he shared.

But looking into the future, he hopes to find a deserving bunch so they can be on their way to getting back on their feet.

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