Need a Temp Mom? This Woman is Willing to Step in For You!




Sixty-three-year-old Nina Keneally has got the job that most of us would probably benefit from—a temporary mom who would talk to you about any problem that requires some motherly advice.


After her story was shared on the Internet, this mother of two has received so much attention.

In her Web page, Keneally explains the job she does, “Everybody needs a mom now and then, but maybe not his or her own mom. How about a short-term, temporary mom?”

Keneally is willing to help you with any issues in the world that might need a mother’s touch. However, don’t expect her to show up if you’re calling her to do your laundry or clean up your sink. She wants to be her customers’ temporary mother and not their maid.

For her service, Keneally normally accepts a whopping $40 per hour.




It all started two years ago, when Keneally and her husband left their home in Connecticut and moved to Bushwick. Nina’s husband found it hassle to commute to his workplace and when a family member told them about the brownstone they now live in, they saw it was best to move to the NY neighborhood.

Since moving in, Mrs. Keneally was often frequenting cafes, attending yoga classes, and visiting galleries. While in these places, she always ended up talking with people and letting them share their personal life and problems.


But it was only a year ago that Keneally started thinking about turning Need a Mom into a real job, and it was then that she created her own Web site and social media accounts. Her son also made her a promotional video. However, at the time, Keneally still wasn’t getting enough queries.

Keneally soon let Bushwick Daily publish a post about her, and it was after such that people started noticing her services. Media outlets started contacting her for an interview, and some even wanted to turn Need a Mom into a TV show.


Now Nina Keneally has a long line of customers waiting to sit with her for a motherly heart-to-heart talk, including a mom who asked her to look after her child who’s having surgery.




Keneally understands the serious need for her services, especially in the middle of the busy streets of New York City. She knows that tackling personal issues with someone who knows how to be both sympathetic and empathetic can be very helpful. She says that what she does is different in a way that it appears to be a professional mentorship but with a more personal touch. She believes that there are some things that she, as a New Yorker, knows better than moms who live away from their children who are in New York.

“Their parents don’t get it; I do because I live here, my sons live here,” she said in her Web page. “I came to live here 40 years ago, and my mom didn’t have a clue what I was doing.”

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Keneally fears, though, that the New York she used to know when she was still living in Manhattan might be different from what it is now. She shared, “It wasn’t this relentless, and the symbols of money weren’t everywhere. It was easier to live here then. And now there’s this must-do culture for young people that’s much different. It was wilder back then.”




With the rampant job openings and a rise in the number of industries that employ intelligent and talented New Yorkers, Keneally admits that it is quite evident that the competitive level in New York has indeed gone higher. Keneally believes that her generation of parents has contributed a lot to the intense competition that young people are vying to win now no matter what it takes.


But because of her own seven-year experience as a Drug and Alcohol Rehabilitation counselor at a methadone (analgesic drug) clinic, Keneally is confident that she has improved her ability to hear out people’s sentiments and help them resolve their issues in life, especially the youngsters.


As for future labor, Keneally thinks about giving service to young and single parents who are first-time moms and dads. She is ready to guide them through the hardships having a baby might cause them.


At first, Keneally was getting ready to just write off Need a Mom as an art project if ever it would not work, but she was shocked when she started receiving a lot of e-mails from people who are hoping to have sessions with her. It’s been so overwhelming that she thinks she couldn’t meet with all of them, but she makes sure that she gets back to them with a “no” so they won’t have to keep waiting.


Keneally is well aware that some think what she does is unnecessary. However, she still believes that people need her and the services she’s giving. “Haters gonna hate,” she jokingly added.



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