New Yorkers Get to Act Like Kids Again Thanks to Nonprofit Org


When we were kids, we could not wait to grow up, but when we grew up, we could not deny the fact that the life as a kid was way less complicated. The only thing we were worried about was when we could go out again and play with our friends. It is hard to find a way to relive that moment, but Chai Lifeline made a way for people to feel like a kid again.


Living up to their tagline “Fighting illness with love,” Chai Lifeline is a nonprofit organization that aims to help children diagnosed with terminal diseases to live a normal and happy life. The group is aware that their mission is hard to fulfill because at the end of every event they organize, the fact that these children have to face remains.

Youngsters with cancer lose the chance to live the kind of life we take for granted, but Chai Lifeline is determined to make these kids feel how to be kid again. On November 11, the group set up beds on the streets of New York, aiming to give New Yorkers the opportunity to be kids again, just like their beneficiaries.











The beds are inked with the hashtag #BeAKidAgain and ask passersby to “Jump on Me.” Teens, adults, and oldies alike take the chance to feel decades younger.


People jumped, had pillow fights, and lay on the bed like it’s the first time they were able to.







Happiness was apparent on these people’s faces, enough evidence that childhood could just be the best stage we all ever had.



The aged are even having fun, not minding the weakness their body must have been feeling.








This is how it feels to be a kid again. It’s a precious moment no one will ever trade for anything. Cancer patients crave for the same experience, but their illness averts them from doing it. So do not take every second of your life for granted. Live every day like it’s your last. Thousands of people on earth are willing to kill for the same chance.



Watch the amazing video below.

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