Nonprofit Org Makes Personal Songs as ‘Medicine’ for Sick Kids


A young leukemia patient from Des Moines, Iowa, named Megan Ford, who is undergoing weekly chemotherapy, is now happily looking forward to hearing the song especially made for her.

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The track is a gift from Songs of Love, an organization that offers to write song renditions for sick children like Megan. The group has been making young patients happy through music for nine years already. And this time, the organization gathered five middle-aged music virtuosos to create a song for Megan.

They consider each composition as a musical medicine that will give innocent souls who are fighting their own battles a form of relief. They are hoping that these songs, all written by heart, would make the children feel that they are loved.

The composers make sure that the lyrics of the songs mention the recipient’s favorite things, people, places, and basically everything they would love to have.

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