A Social Experiment Is Conducted to Know What People Think of Bullying …And the Result Is Surprising

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What would you do if you are out in public, believing like it’s just gonna be a normal day, when out of nowhere, you suddenly notice a kid being bullied close to where you currently are? Would you mind going out of your way to help the child? An experiment was conducted to see how strangers would react to that very situation, and the results are rather surprising.

UP TV performed a social experiment with hidden cameras placed across the street from a typical bus stop. Two girls role play as the evil bullies while one kid plays as the poor victim. Strangers overhear the girls throwing mean remarks like “Do you have any friends . . . ones that aren’t imaginary?” and “You definitely need makeup.” How are the unsuspecting strangers going to deal with the scene?





Each stranger reacts uniquely but shares the same notion—they are all against bullying. This video hopes to drive positive change among people and speak up when someone sees a person being attacked by bullies.


Watch the full video below:

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