Nurse Brings In Snow For Her Patient Who Is Too Sick To Go Outside To Play

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Lucy Wiese is a 7-year-old child who suffers from Job syndrome, a rare immune deficiency, and just had her bone marrow transplant.

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Since she will not be able to enjoy winter outside because of her condition, the nurses at the National Institutes of Health decided to bring the snow to Lucy.


Nurse Alex Classen used an alternative to help the kids enjoy the season though it’s a little different from what they usually experience. She went outside in the blizzard to fill up tubs with lots of snow and brought them in so the children could still play with it.


Lucy, together with other kids, built snowmen using the snow. Crayons and paints were also given to them so they  could decorate them the way they want.



The nurses said that scenarios like this are quite normal for kids in the hospital during winter. The parents are very impressed with the way the nurses take care of their patients.

During Lucy’s stay at the hospital, she still had fun playing with the snow and did not feel sorry for herself in that moment thanks to the nurses.

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