NYPD Police Officer Bought Pair of Boots for a Homeless Man



Jennifer Forster was visiting New York from Arizona when she encountered a heartwarming scene of a police officer offering boots to this homeless man in the street side. She took a snap on the act of kindness this police officer displayed and sent it to NYPD.

According to Forster on her note to NYPD, she saw a homeless man with bare feet and when she was about to approach, one of the NYPD officers came and offered size 12 boots to the poor man. He stooped down on the ground and put on the socks and a new pair of boots on this fellow. Forster further said she has been in law enforcement for seventeen years but she was never so impressed in her life.

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Larry DePrimo on fox

After NYPD posted her story in Facebook, it has earned more than six hundred thousand likes and in a matter of days, the Good Samaritan was later identified to be police officer Larry DePrimo.

During his interview with New York Times, he recalled the blisters on the man’s feet and while they were talking, he found out the man’s shoe size is 12. He rushed into a Sketchers shoe store before ten in the evening and when the store manager learned his noble cause, he offered his employee discount. While he put on the shoes to the man, he never realized someone was taking photos of his actions and he was surprised to have his photos all over the internet.

Larry DePrimo

DePrimo kept the receipt of the boots he bought for the homeless man to remind him that sometimes, people have it worse.

Larry DePrimo



Learn more about this cop’s story in the clip below:

Check out his video recalling the incident during a press conference held by the NYPD:

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