Operation Baby Lift – 3,300 Orphan Babies Had Been Evacuated and Adopted


Operation Babylift was one of the most recognized humanitarian efforts in history. It involved air-lifting numerous children to safety to the United States and other countries such as France, Australia, and Canada on the heels of the Vietnam War. Little did these innocent souls and the people behind the operation know, one of the babylifting planes wouldn’t fly as smoothly as planned.

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On the dates planned, April 3 to April 26, 1975, a reported total of 3,300 children and infants had to be evacuated. Although the exact number is still subject to disputes, it’s confirmed that all of these babies were to be adopted by many first-world countries.


Orphanages at that time were filled with children who were either separated from their families, born to American fathers, or had mothers who could no longer care for them because of the war between north and south Vietnam.

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