This Paralyzed Boy’s Wish Came True With The Help Of Some Awesome Builders

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Most kids with disabilities want to go to Disney World, whenever Make-A-Wish asks them what they want. But 3-year-old Kellan Tilton is different; he just wants to spend more time with his dad.


“Dad had an Old Timer’s Hockey Tourney this weekend, but I wasn’t feeling fabulous, so I made it to only one game. Tuck (bubble) found me three bucks, though! Later I went to the doctors, and I have a UTI. One of the yucky things that happen with paraplegia,” Kellan said.


Kellan had to undergo chemotherapy for a tumor on his spine when he was just a day old. He simply wanted to spend more time with his siblings and his dad, so he made a request to make an easier path in their garden for him to be able to make it easier to get down to the barn.


Make-A-Wish traveled from across Maine to grant Kellan’s wish and build the path in just a week.

Sonya Purington, marketing director of Make-A-Wish, said, “What I love about this wish is it gives him the mobility and some independence, and it’s going to be a wish that lasts him for a long long time—a unique wish for someone who is wise beyond his years.”


As the workers walked by, they gave each other high fives, showing that they’re happy that they’re doing this for Kelan. Kelan always smiles watching the workers build the path, and it makes the workers happy too.

Kellan’s dad told USA Today, “At first, I had to carry him, but now, he has the freedom. He has this gorgeous path from the house. He’s been buzzing up and down all week long. It’s the first thing he wants to do when he wakes up, and the last thing he wants to do before he goes to bed.”

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