Pit Bull with Injured Leg and Taped Muzzle Receives the Best Christmas Gift—Life


When this dog was found, he was in a dire state. It was Christmas Day when he was spotted by good Samaritans lying outside a house, malnourished, unable to eat and drink, and having a hard time moving his hind legs. He was then rushed to the nearest animal hospital by the group of people who were supposed to have a party that night.


Luckily for the dog, Guardians of the Green Mile, which acts as a “liaison between kill shelters and animal rescue groups,” took him in. They even gave him a name—Chance Christmas.

Chance received emergency treatment and underwent a hip surgery, and everything was funded by the organization.




Sherri Christopher, founder and executive director of Guardians of the Green Mile, decided to finance everything without a second thought. According to Christopher, calls pertaining to abused dogs during the holidays are unfortunately quite common.




Chance might have broken his hips after getting stomped on, according to Dr. Maggie Sharpe. Dr. Sharpe said that it was a miracle that the dog survived such ordeal. What’s even more amazing is that he still wags his tail despite suffering from unimaginable cruelty.

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But not everything in Chance’s life is bad. After the surgery, he is slowly going back to his normal state, weighing five pounds more than his weight when he was found. Also, after his story was shared, a lot of adoption requests were sent from people who were all willing to give him a new home.




However, Chance still needs more time to fully recover. In fact, he is scheduled for another hip surgery, but this time, it will be hard for the Green Mile to fund it. So the group is now asking those with kind hearts to help them give Chance Christmas another shot at the life he deserves by encouraging them to extend financial help.

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Although there are still no leads as to who the perpetrators are, it’s still good to hear that Chance is now in good hands and has found a new home that will make him feel safe and loved.



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