Pizza Delivery Driver Brings More Than Pizza …She Brought Humanity

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Normally, the best part of every pizza delivery is, well, the pizza of course.


However, for 76-year -old Lee Haase, the pizza delivery was more than what he had expected.




It wasn’t the pizza, it was the person who delivered it. Domino’s Pizza delivery driver Angela Nguyen was the one who took the pizza to Lee’s address in Ham Lake, Minnesota.


“Lee has told me that he’s pretty much given up on life,” Angela said in an interview.


Lee lived an awfully difficult life. A tragic accident took his son’s life. Also, a storm destroyed and made his house not suitable for living. So he now lives in a 12-foot camper in extreme poverty, alone, without running water or a toilet to answer nature’s call.

His living condition was dire, and the most disturbing part is that winter is coming, but he has no idea on how to deal with the cold seasons because his house has no heater.


Angela was not ready for such a heartbreaking scene. After hearing the old man’s story, she came up with a really important mission.




She said, “Living in this trailer with no heat, no sanitation whatsoever—he has no toilet—no water, nothing, is not acceptable to me.”


As soon as she got home, she directly went to her computer and decided to spread Lee’s story on the Internet. Angela started a GoFundMe campaign, hoping that people would be moved by Lee’s situation and help him in any way possible.



On the campaign page, she wrote, “I don’t know Lee too well personally, but what I do know is he’s kind, likes bluegrass music, and used to love to fish. If you can help, thank you. If not, can you please pray?”

The campaign was a success.


After just one month, the online community members delivered and even went overboard. The campaign has raised more than $30,000 and still counting.

They heard about Lee’s story and are willing to help him with anything: space heaters, groceries, blankets, extra storage units, gift cards, etc.


The unexpected response was so unprecedented that a new objective has been made—they are planning to build an actual house for Lee.


One comment read, “God bless you for starting this, Angela. We need more people like you in the world.”



Watch the full video below.

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