Polar Bear Saved After Getting Stranded Above Hundred-Foot Rocky Cliff

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Wild animals are called so because they are left in the wild, strolling around the forest or any wide area. No one knows exactly where they would go and what they do there. But this polar bear from Newfoundland, Canada, took herself above a cliff and got stuck in there.


It started when the bear floats in on an ice flow from the Arctic. The people who spotted her hypothesized that she climbed up the mountain and got stranded in the middle of the hundred-foot rocky cliff.

The dramatic rescue captured on camera started when the polar bear suddenly slipped, then plummeted. Polar bears are considered endangered species, so a young healthy female’s life is worth saving for at all costs.

Because of her size, the rescuers had to tranquilize the bear to get her to a tiny container without any problem. After she was drugged, rescuers positioned themselves closer to the bear, but the area was so slippery and steep it took them around forty minutes to reach her. And once they got hold of her, it would take another twenty minutes to move her to the basket. Rescuers could not waste any second because they had to take her before she woke up and prevent her from plummeting and probably taking a rescuer down the cliff with her.




Rescuers tied a sling around the massive bear because the ledge was too shallow for her size. Bears have an oily coat that protects them from cold, and that makes them more slippery, making the work harder for her saviors.

Suddenly, the rope slipped, and the bear was left dangling thirty feet above the jagged rocks, and with only one of her foot still tied up to the rope. Not any minute had passed when the bear completely fell off the cliff and into the water. Because the tranquilizer hadn’t worn off, the bear couldn’t swim.




The rescuers took a great risk of even getting close to the bear. These animals have three-inch long claws that are as sharp as a dagger and can tear a person to shreds.

But everyone was all determined to save the polar bear and did everything they could. Because of her natural buoyancy, the bear was left afloat, and they were able to tug her to the shore.


The hellacious rescue just proved how dangerous these animals could be, but it also shows how important they are that people are willing to risk their lives to protect them. One rescuer noted that while it takes courage to destroy these animals, it takes more bravery to save them.

True indeed, so the next time you see an endangered animal walking before your eyes, forget about the gold coins you can get from selling them and just take the courage to protect them instead.

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