Rescued Poodle Finally Finds A Home And Some Love


When Hope For Paws received a call about a homeless poodle spotted on the streets of Los Angeles, rescuers immediately responded. They found the tiny dog weak, scared, and extremely ill on a city street while the world around her simply passed her by.

Rescuer Annie softly approached her, expecting that she would be met with growls and bites. But as she went even nearer, Layla, as she later named the dog, seemed to warm up to her. She slowly put the leash on her neck, then gently picked her up and consoled her saying, “You’re okay, I’m here to help you.”

As she continuously stroked her back, Layla seemed to feel so wanted despite what she was like. Within seconds, a bond has been formed between the two. Then without Annie seeing it coming, the dog started to lap Annie’s face, as if she’d known her all her life!

After getting treatment at an animal hospital, Layla was adopted by foster parents who have seen her through her recovery. It was such a joy watching the once scaredy dog now fighting off her fears, and getting healthier every day. Finally, Layla has found her place in this world.

Watch Layla’s full story in this video:

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