Rescuers Free Chinese Man Left Buried Up to His Chest in an Earth Pit

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In the province of Anhui in China, a man called for help after he was buried in an earth pit.

The man was reported to be working on a new sewer system when a lodge of soil was dislodged from above them. He was with a colleague who managed to escape, but the man, unable to move, was left buried up to his chest.

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A team of rescuers came to help the trapped worker. The rescue, which was all caught on cam, took for three long hours. While they were trying to pull the man out, the earth was continuously moving, making the ordeal more difficult.

The man was successfully freed and was taken to a nearby hospital while covered in dirt to check if he had any injury.

People assumed that the earth was dislodged because of the weight of an excavator parked in the area.

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