This Cop Went Undercover, What Happened Next Will Restore Your Faith in Humanity


After two robberies targeting wheelchair-bound people took place at Knifepoint, a Vancouver cop decided to go undercover as a paralyzed man in a wheelchair and sold some goods. Staff Sgt. Mark Horsley pretended to have a brain injury, confining him to a wheelchair.

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Called by the Police Department as the “Operation Wheelchair”, the police officers wanted to find the people responsible for harming folks, who were vulnerable due to their disabilities.

Before they even started, the officer expected that people might take advantage of him and worse, rob him. However, this was not the case. He became acquainted with other members of the community instead, who were also using wheelchairs.

In one encounter, a man reached out to the waist pouch of the police officer because his money was sticking out. Instead of stealing it, the man zipped it up and warned him kindly to be extra careful and not to lose his money.

There was also a young man, who prayed for the undercover officer.

While the officer was undercover, he was approached by various people. But, they only showed acts of kindness and compassion.


The repeated acts of kindness didn’t end there. While selling, he told people he doesn’t know how to count. So, this was a great opportunity for people to be dishonest.

Apparently, nobody was. And at the end of the operation, he got $24.75 more than what he started with.

Although we used to hear stories of people doing bad things in the news, the reality is, there are more beautiful stories out there. There are plenty of kind people on the planet, who treats humankind with consideration and respect.

We usually see news stories about people doing bad things, but those aren’t the only stories.

Even if the mission wasn’t successful, Horsley just said, “Not one person took advantage of my vulnerability… . The caring and compassion expressed to me in my undercover role was inspiring.”

Watch the full surveillance below

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