See How a Stranger Was Able to Help This Couple …What a Gift!


Brent has been devoted to his wife, Ruth, all his life. But he was devastated after learning she was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease. It was a true test of their marriage. The symptoms manifested 12 years ago, when Ruth noticed that she had little control over her fingers. It has gone worse, and she now has to rely on someone else to do basic activities like eating, bathing, and even changing positions during sleep.

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Luckily Ruth has her husband Brent by her side. But of course, the task can sometimes take a toll on the both of them as he instantly became a caregiver to help her with her daily tasks. The couple also had another hurdle, and this time it had something to do with transportation: their van.

The two are members of the church and often drove there. But their van started to wear out over the years, causing them problems like overheating and sometimes, it simply just won’t start. “It would start up and drive and then when it got hot, and we stopped, it would leave us stranded,” Brent narrates in the YouTube uploaded video.

But it was through the kindness of a stranger that the weight was lifted off the couple’s shoulders. Janet West and her family attend the same church Brent and Ruth do. Someone approached her praising one of her sons for offering help in fixing a broken van that belonged to one of the church members.

As fate would have it, it was the same van that Brent and Ruth drove.

Janet had recently purchased a new car, so her old Honda Van was no longer in use. She decided to give it to Ben and Ruth as Janet had always wanted the van to fall into good hands after a lifetime of memories it gave her own family. It was a simple act of kindness, but it meant a great deal to Ben and Ruth.

“Lots of times people think in order to bless other people it takes huge financial gifts, but I was able to figure out something that was a very simple thing,” Janet says.

Brent and Ruth couldn’t be any more grateful. This new van could give them the freedom to go places without worrying about the constant need for repairs. Ruth can also sit back and be comfortable while the both of them move around.

For Brent, he believes that the real hero here is his wife. He continues to feel privileged for the opportunity to provide care to Ruth. He stresses the importance of caregivers in society and proves a very special point.

“I think it is really important that we are aware of those people who are caregivers,” says Brent. “They do need the extra help.”

Caregivers are everywhere. They can come agencies, be self employed, or commonly, they are people taking care of their loved ones. Either way, this doesn’t mean they won’t need our help.

As the video highlights in the end:

“Owe no one anything,
except to love each other,
for the one who loves another
has fulfilled the law.”

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