See How These Firemen Champion This Cancer Fighter …Wow!


Finley Brown is about to take another step toward finally winning her fight against cancer. This time, she’s getting a special ride, thanks to a group of friendly firefighters.

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Six-year-old Finley was diagnosed with kidney cancer, but with her bubbly attitude and spunk,  she continues to shine. To celebrate her bravery and  determination to beat the disease, the Moraga-Orinda Fire District gave Finley and her younger brother Cooper a ride to the hospital for her final chemotherapy session.




Finley has learned from her mom, A. J. Brown, that she had to respect everyday heroes, and firefighters are one of them.

Mrs. Brown shared with Today, “We’ve always taught our kids that whenever they see a fireman or a police officer or a soldier, it’s nice to approach them and thank them for keeping us safe.”

Applying what she learned, Finley approached the firefighters in a festival in Moraga, east of the Bay Area.

Firefighter Lucas Lambert had this to share of their encounter, “Finley caught our eye initially because she didn’t have any hair and then because she started talking to us. This little girl had a ton of confidence; she wasn’t shy at all. She introduced both her little brother and babysitter to us and had no problems asking questions. And then she went on to tell us her story and started showing off her scars and telling us what she had been through in the past month or so.”


After that meeting, the firefighters were quick to go into action. They wanted to do something memorable for this little girl since she managed to inspire them with her positive disposition. Initially, they set up a fundraiser to help send the whole Brown family to Disneyland to mark the end of her chemotherapy.

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