See How These Homeless Brothers Found a Charitable Angel


Oftentimes, we shun the homeless people who sleep on sidewalks. We treat them as if they’re something repulsive and that they’re not humans. Some of us feel bad for them but aren’t taking any steps to reach out to them and extend some help.

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Two brothers from Hamilton County, Ohio, are victims of abuse from people who despised them for being homeless. The Hutchinson siblings have gone through a hellish ordeal while they were out on the streets. Every night, they would worry about where they should sleep.

They’ve also had people throw things at them. Some would even cussed at them. They’ve endured all painful beating for about a year—until a miracle happened.



Christy Hill became Ken and Zach‘s savior. Ever since she met the siblings, she started letting them take a bath in her house, washing their clothes, and would even pack food for the brothers.

Christy doesn’t care what other people think about the homeless. She just wants to help them get through every day by doing charitable acts. With every food she packs, every clothes she washes, and every tear that she sheds for the boys, you can see Christy’s concern for the brothers.

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As of the moment, both Ken and Zach are trying their best to get a job because Christy can only help them with their basic needs.



Watch the video below.

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