See How This Dog Survived From Death’s Door From Abusive Owner


No matter how much cruelty a dog suffers at the hands of a human, it seems they will continue to stay loyal. But what if they don’t have the energy to take all the abuse? Well, Here’s one story to reflect on.

Angel is probably among the few dogs that have suffered one of the worst cases of neglect. For months, she had been purposely starved that by the time she was rescued, she was at deaths door.

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When she was first seen, she looked like she already lost the will to survive. But this didn’t stop the staff and the volunteers from guiding her through recovery. In fact, they lent her their strength and faith as they were positive that in time, she’d become happy and healthy again.

They started feeding her slowly because they didn’t want to upset her stomach. Over time, Angel began to show signs of improvement. She ate. She walked around. She also made new friends. But none of these would happen without the help of those people who stood by her in her most difficult times.


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Angel’s road to recovery was documented on camera. Hopefully, her story will inspire other people to love their dogs and keep them healthy at all times.

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