See Why Syrian Refugee Is Feeding the Homeless in Germany …Inspiring!



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In an effort to say thank you to the nation that has provided him a safe shelter, a Syrian refugee started a unique project.


Every Saturday morning, Alex Assali cooks hot and delicious meals. When they’re all ready, he distributes them for free to the homeless people living outside Berlin’s Alexanderplatz station.

Now a photo of him has become viral after it was posted on photo-sharing Web site Imgur. It shows him preparing food in his stand with a sign that says, “Give back to German people.”




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Alex is actually a member of a Syrian Christian project that aims to help the homeless and the needy in Germany. A note that was posted in his stand explained what his group was all about. “We are not consumer people, but we are people who love tender. We want to be a positive part in the German community. We want to be one hand to help the others and help each other,” it said.

The photo has since received a number of positive comments. There was one that went, “He represents what humanity should look like.” Another one wrote, “One of those beautiful genres that outweighs its tangible significance in the physical world and means so much more on a human level. Bravo.”

People from other corners of the globe also have began praising Alex’s kind act, sharing tweets of appreciation on Twitter.





AnonUKRadio posted on Twitter, “Those who have nothing know what it’s like, so they are the first to give.” Stefan Solanki, on the other hand, hoped that his kind deed will change the perception of people about refugees.





Alex had lost everything when he was in Syria. He even left his remaining family in the country because people wanted to kill him. He fled to Syria empty-handed and tried his luck in Europe, traveling via Lebanon, Cyprus, Egypt, Sudan, Libya, and finally, Germany.

Tabea Bü, Alex’s friend who took the photo, said on Facebook that they were both overwhelmed by the reaction of the people. “Even though he doesn’t have a lot, he goes on the street and distributes food to the homeless,” she added. “We both never imagined what this little post could do, but we are happy that we did bring a little light into the world.”


Here’s a video of Alex Assali.

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