High-School Seniors Give Dying 6-Year-Old a Chance to ‘Graduate’ with Them


Jordan Planitz is a six-year-old boy from Illinois with a terminal illness and might not live for long. So the seniors of Tri-City High School decided to honor the boy by giving him a high-school graduation ceremony because he cannot make it to his own.

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Jordan has MPPH syndrome, which gives the little boy a brain too big for his skull due to excess fluid. There are merely nine cases reported around the world with this condition and only a short life expectancy for each patient.

The boy was introduced to the seniors when he became “principal for a day.” This is something that Principal Dustin Day does each year since he works for the local hospital. He happened to pick Jordan because of his incredible story of survival.

Jordan has always maintained a happy disposition, despite the grueling pain that comes with his disease. His story inspired the senior class as well, so they decided to do something special and invited the little boy to the graduation ceremony.

Three seniors, namely valedictorian Beth Daniels along with twins Mason and Mackenzie Lyons, approached the principal and asked him if it was possible for Jordan to attend their graduation.

Jordan had a specially made graduation gown and cap and a honorary certificate during the special day.

“It was something that I had just come to terms with was not going to happen,” Jordan’s mom, Deanna, said.  “I couldn’t believe that these kids would even think about that. You just don’t get a lot of teenagers that think that way.”

Everyone in the room was emotional, but Deanna couldn’t have been more proud of the warm gesture. She never in her wildest dreams thought she’d see Jordan graduate.

Principal Day was also ecstatic over the action done by the teenagers. “I’ve been in education 20 years, and it clearly was one of my proudest and best moments,” Day told TODAY.com.

Jordan walked up the stage to a standing applause. “It was special for my seniors to know they were willing to share the day that was really all about them,” Principal Day added.

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