She Says She Doesn’t Have Money to Prepare Something for the Holidays …But Then This Happens


We are used to thinking that everyone enjoys holidays like Christmas or Thanksgiving, but truth is, there are those who have come to hate special occasions because they get reminded of the fact that they can’t afford to put something special on the table. Just like this McDonald’s employee.

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This fast-food crew member expected her holidays to be just like the ordinary days where she wakes up to prepare for work and spend most of her day attending to other people’s needs. But turned out, an organization was all set to change her expectations.

Iowa-based commercial radio station KDEC FM 100.5 made a random visit to the McDonald’s branch the woman was working. They then asked her how she’d spend the upcoming holidays, to which she responded with tears welling up in her eyes as she talked about her 1-year-old daughter.

After that, she was shocked to see a big surprise from the radio station unfolding before her.

People from the radio KDEC FM said, “She is always smiling and so cheery, like she was this morning.. . . Until we asked what she wanted to get for her daughter this Christmas.. . . Thank you to Decorah Bank & Trust Co. and some Secret Santas for making this hardworking mother’s day! We hope she and her 15-month-old baby have a happy holiday!”

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