She Left a Note to the One Who Stole Her Parking Space … The Response Is Shocking!


Have you ever had your parking space stolen by someone? Did it make you so mad that you feel like you just want to start a war against the person who did it? It’s expected and understandable for us to do that. But here comes a woman who reacted differently to the situation. What she got in return was something totally unexpected as well.

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Because someone stole her spot, a woman was forced to pay again for another space. If she had reported the culprit, she could have had him ticketed and his car towed. But she didn’t, and instead, she parked overnight on a different spot.

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What she did next was something no one would have seen coming. She left a note that expressed her frustration and her side of the story.


The next day, she found something under the windshield wiper of her car, and to her surprise, it contained $100 in cash, along with an apology letter.

Below is the stranger’s note.


This story just goes to show that anything can be settled with just talking. No need for violent remarks, violent acts, and harsh words. In this case, a simple note became more than enough to save the day.

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