Strangers Show Up to Congratulate Woman Giving Birth After Her Family Texts the Wrong Number


Two brothers were accidentally invited to a private family gathering, though they are not in any way related to the family but showed up nevertheless.

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Deorick Williams was at home in Bainbridge, Georgia, and had just got up from sleep when he received a message that someone was about to have a baby.

Still a bit disoriented, he didn’t notice that the number was not registered on his phone and started to get dressed.

He was about to go when he realized that he didn’t recognize the digits on the thread. So he courtly replied to the group that they had texted to the wrong number.


He barely sent his reply when another message with a picture came.


Probably too excited to share the good news, the sender overlooked Deorick’s reply.

But rather than withdrawing from the conversation, Deorick and his brother Dennis decided to turn up at the hospital and congratulate the family personally.


“Since we got invited already, we thought we might as well give them gifts,” he said.

The Williams brothers brought diapers, pacifiers, and bottles as their gift to the newborn baby.

The moment they stepped inside the hospital room, “Everybody was really quiet at first because they were so shocked,” said Deorick. “They were like, ‘Who are these people?’ Then we explained what happened.”


Deorick and Dennis then talked with the parents and the family’s friends who were also there to visit the baby.

They had a great time.


The family then posted a message on Facebook of their appreciation to the William brothers’ kind gesture, which was shared by Deorick.


“What a blessing these two guys were to our family,” reads the post. “They were so sweet and kind to do this.”

Deorick said the family was “totally cool” when he and his brother arrived.


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