College Student Spends Summer Breaks Helping Struggling Families Get Cleaner Water


“Let the world change you and you can change the world.”

Young woman Sarah Stubbs lives by this saying, and true enough, she’s working on changing the world—one water filter at a time.

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Stubbs is a student at the University of Georgia. For several times now, she travels to Dominican Republic and spends her summer breaks by helping communities in need. While in the country, she realized the municipalities’ need for potable water.



“Nothing can prepare you for the experiences you’re going to have there,” says Stubbs. “Kids are sick, kids can’t go to school, issues with pollution in their homes.” After she saw the situation of the people from the villages like La Grua and Las Canas, she realized the communities are suffering from water shortage.


That’s when she decided to get the water filter. “This is $30 and this little bitty thing gives a family clean water,” says the college student. “But then I learned this was the only family in the entire community that has one.”


So when she got back from her first travel to the Dominican Republic, she already had a goal in mind.

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