Surgeon Takes Moment to Soothe 2-Year-Old Prior to Surgery …The Story Behind This Viral Photo

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Photos of a male surgeon calming a two-year-old girl has recently circulated around Chinese social media. The young girl was said to be sobbing endlessly before her heart surgery when the doctor came up to her. The heartwarming scenario happened on September 18 at one of the hospitals in Zhejiang, eastern China.




The little girl named Xin Er (not her real name) was suffering from a preexisting heart condition according to reports. She became very scared and started crying while waiting for her scheduled surgery at the hospital. Shi Zhuo, the man in the picture, is the deputy director of Cardiac Surgery at the children’s section of Zhejiang University Hospital. He took the sobbing girl and started playing her favorite cartoons on the surgeon’s phone.

The person who took and posted the picture on Chinese social media was an anesthetist. The photo went viral in just a couple of days. Shi Zhou said, “The girl was admitted on the 16th and I went to see her almost every day because children need the familiarization process–It’s part of our job. On the day of surgery, she started crying as soon as she got into the operating theater. Before this picture was taken, I took her to find her dad several times, but she kept crying and saying, ‘I want daddy.’ So I said ‘Let’s watch some cartoons and then find him, okay?’ The girl calmed down as the cartoon played, and the doctors were able to administer the anesthetics needed to put the girl to sleep. Afterward, the operation carried on as normal.”






The doctor humbly shared that these kind of situations happen often in the operating theater and that other operating staff have also done the same in the past. “In reality, it doesn’t matter whether it’s a boy or a girl, they all get scared in the operating theater. As parents, we understand that the children are scared and can appreciate the worry of the family. The girl’s father didn’t even realize what had happened until afterwards,” he added. The girl’s father remarked, “When the operation was over, Dr. Shi just told me the surgery was extremely successful. I didn’t know until another patient had showed me the heartwarming photos on their phone. I almost cried. As a father, I am very grateful towards Dr. Shi for caring for my daughter in this way.” Xin is said to have already fully recovered and is now able to walk and was released from the hospital on September 22.






Here’s a video of the heartwarming scene:

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