The ‘Rap God’ Eminem Grants His Dying Fan’s Last Wish




Well, the Real Slim Shady, Eminem isn’t what most people think he is. The ‘Rap God’ himself visited and met his terminally ill fan and granted his wish.

Rap God

How did it happen?

He may be the angry rapper most people think he is, but when it comes to granting his fans their last wishes, he can be the next America’s sweetheart. Unknown to many, the rapper met one of such fans one afternoon.

Gage Garmo

Gage Garmo, 17 years old, was diagnosed with a rare form of bone cancer, called Osteosarcoma. His friends and family began the campaign hashtag #GetGageGarmoToMeetEminem when they found out he only has a week left to live.

Gage Garmo

Garmo is a senior student at Rochester Hills High. He has been fighting with cancer all throughout his high school life.

It was three days ago when the campaign started for its purpose. This teen fan only wants to have his last wish granted before he leaves this life. And, it happened.

Gage Garmo






The rapper arranged a home visit to Garmo’s place. Believe it or not, he went to the sick teen’s home in Michigan, which is only about 20 minutes from where the rapper himself lives.

It was around 5 o’clock Sunday afternoon when Em came knocking on Garmo’s doors. And, the kid had the most spectacular time.


The ‘Rap God’ did not have any intention of making a media feast over his visit. All he wanted was to make an ailing boy smile, even for the last days of his life.

The one hour-visit may seem short to some, but it sure meant a lot to the teen, who has given only a week or even days to live. Eminem and Garmo talked and had the best time together.

The Softer Side of the Rapper


Okay, so this Detroit rapper is known to have unapologetic lyrics for his songs and he may be the 42-year-old hip hop monster most of his audience knows.


But, who would have thought that all these negative things about Eminem would be turned upside down by just a single visit to a sick boy?


If Garmo had his one last special request, the Real Slim Shady has his own, too. He wished for his actions for Garmo to not be made into a publicity stunt. But, it’s too late for that not to happen, isn’t it?


Regardless of whether the rapper got his wish or not, at least there is one thing we can be sure of now. His fulfilling of a last wish showed that he also has his soft spot just like the rest of us.

And, probably, this is also why he was given the title, the “Rap God”.

In a recent development, it has been reported that Gage Garmo passed away Monday afternoon, about 24 hours after Eminem’s visit. His family said the rapper’s visit “really raised his spirits” and must have made him really happy during his final hours.

A vigil by candlelight was held at Rochester High School by his family and friends. He was the school’s football team manager.
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