This Generous Soul Helped a Stranger…But See What Happened Next!


How would you feel when a person who made an impact in your life dies? Shocked? Sad? For one woman, the emotions are inexplicable. A day after she was helped, she heard about a heartbreaking news about the death of the generous man who helped her.

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Stay-at-home mother Jamie-Lynne Knighten shared her encounter with Matthew Jackson on Facebook. She recalled the day when she was at the grocery with her two young kids. While they were shopping, the kids were suddenly in a bad mood, so she wanted to go home as soon as possible.



She proceeded to the counter to check out. However, when she paid her items using her credit card, it was declined. At that time, she didn’t know what to do. She thought of asking the cashier to put her items on the side so that she can get some money at home.


Matthew Jacksonwho was in line behind her, decided to help. He insisted on paying her $200-worth of groceries.

At first, she refused to take the offer, but the 28-year-old didn’t take “no” for an answer. He just had one favor, which was to pay it forward and help other people in need.

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A couple of days had passed, Knighten contacted the gym where Jackson worked. She wanted to thank the generous guy.

The person who received the call was Angela Lavinder, the gym’s manager. Knighten told her that she was very lucky to have worked with a very wonderful man like Jackson.


A few seconds after, Lavinder started crying and informed Knighten that the kind guy was involved in car accident, which resulted in his death.

After the conversation, Knighten created a Facebook page called Matthew’s Legacy. Here, people who knew Jackson can share his kind deeds.


When Jackson’s mother heard about her son’s kind acts, she felt comfort. She said that it was really the kind of person her son was. He loved to help people, but he never really bragged about it.

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