This is What Happens When You Make Straight A’s …

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Hard work results in a lot of good things, and so does staying in school. A North Carolina fourth grader will have free haircuts for life because he got good grades in his report card. Kamarian Fox, 9, went to the Next Level Barbershop in August right before he started the fourth grade. He started talking to Mike Shelton, a barber, and they made a deal. Shelton promised free haircuts for life, if Fox got good grades. Shelton said, “I could really tell he was a bright kid, excited about school and motivated.”

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On November 16, Fox went back to the barbershop with his report card. He got straight As! The barber did not let him down, and Fox got his free haircut. Shelton says he will be cutting Fox’s hair every week.

Fox calls Shelton Uncle Mike. Shelton hopes that Fox can motivate other children to do well in school. Shelton explains, “You never know, you can be that spark on one young person’s life. He could be the next president. He could be the person that changes the world.”


Another person proud of the fourth grader is his mother, Cameron Fox. She is a single mother and is very happy that the barber was so kind to her son.

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