This Lion Was Devastated by a Terrible Condition …See How a Dentist Saved Him!

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Aslan has been under the supervision of Kevin “The Lion Whisperer” Richardson ever since he was still a cub. What makes Aslan unique is his unusual white coat. It makes him the most noticeable lion in the pride. Kevin says, “It was quite an incredible thing to see this pure-white ball of fluff amongst all these brown lions.”

Unfortunately, as years passed, the white lion lost his two essential canines. Due to his terrible condition, Aslan, who was once a cheerful and sanguine feline, lost his enthusiasm and self-confidence. He turned into an aloof and rather disturbed lion.

With the help of Fixodent denture adhesives, Kevin took the liberty of helping Aslan get his old life back. Under the care of experts, Aslan underwent two root canal operations. They also removed a couple of his unhealthy teeth to get the best results.



Aslan is now back on track, thanks to the awesome doctors, the staff at Fixodent, and most importantly, Kevin. The agitated lion before is now happily interacting with his pride. Aslan portrayed his appreciation by letting Kevin pet him willingly.

Because of the team’s unparalleled determination to help the animal, it’s just right that the video documentary of the rescue received nearly 13 million views and won an award at Cannes Film Festival. Bravo to these animal heroes for saving Aslan!

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