This Story of Robin Williams’ Selflessness & Kindness is Utterly Heartwarming

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A rider is a list of demands given by a celebrity before they agree to work. For example, Van Halen notoriously demanded that there would be a bowl of M&Ms backstage at every show, but also demanded that all the brown ones be removed. Williams also had a rider... And it will shock you more than Van Halen's.

The entire world was collectively devastated when we lost someone who felt like a dear friend to all of us, Robin Williams, last August. Not only was he a fantastic actor, a dedicated Dad and a talented comedian; Mr. Williams was a kind and generous man, as well.

One of the few demands listed in his contracts has finally been brought to light lately and it truly shows the genuine soul this man housed.

Brian Lord is a writer who once tried to hire Robin for a private event. On his blog, he tells a miraculous and heartwarming story that adds 1 more reason to love this man.

Every actor, singer and performer comes with what is called a “rider”. A rider is a list of demands given by the celebrity before they agree to work with a company. For example, 80’s hair metal band Van Halen legendarily demanded that there would be a huge bowl of M&Ms backstage at every one of their shows, but insisted that all the brown ones be taken out and thrown away. Well, Robin Williams also had a rider, and it what was on it will shock you more than any candy ever could.

Williams insisted that for every film or event he did, the producers must employ a certain number of homeless people in the area as well.


Williams was a longtime advocate for Homeless Rights. In 1990, he testified before the Senate in support of the Homeless Prevention and Revitalization Act.


In his testimony he said, “The problem cannot be denied anymore… I do believe this can work in an incredible way, from a grassroots level, that the money can get to and prevent, truly prevent, homelessness. That’s where it lies. You can’t keep picking people up; you have to stop them from falling. That’s what I hope. Thank you.”

Robin played a homeless man in the the 1991 film The Fisher King. The movie is known for its sensitive portrayal of mental illness and its effect on homelessness. Williams was widely praised for his role.

The director, Terry Gilliam, says, “That’s also why I think his character in The Fisher King is in many ways the closest one to Robin, just that range — the madness, the damage, the pain, the sweetness, the outrageousness. That was the role I think that stretched him to the limits.”


Robin Williams was an incredibly generous person. I hope this story will inspire you to do your part in helping prevent homelessness so we can keep Robin’s legacy alive.

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