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Three-Year-Old Girl Cuts Hair for a Remarkable Cause

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Emily James

Three-year-old Emily James is known for long golden brown locks. Yet instead of styling them up like most girls her age do, she opts to have her hair cut.

In an over two-minute video, which can be seen below, you will know of the heartwarming story of how Emily preferred to have her hair cut so she can donate it to kids whose “hair fall out” because of cancer. In the video, she is seen inside a salon waiting patiently for her hair cut to be done.

She watches patiently as her “Uncle Matthew” gives her favorite doll “Dolly” a new hair cut that she will soon be getting.

Emily's Hair



Emily James


Emily James says in the video:

“I have more hair. I would just cut some off and give it to someone.”

The idea of cutting her for a good cause came as a suggestion from her mother and father who briefed her that she would have to have her hair cut very short. Emily later emerges sporting an adorable bob similar to that of her doll.

At the end of the video, we see Emily putting on stamps on the envelope and later fills it with hair ready to be donated.
Get to know her heartwarming story below:

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