Town Celebrates Christmas a Month Early …See Heart-Wrenching Reasons

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Christmas is coming early to this one special little town of St George. Have they all lost their calendars? Are they in a time warp?  No, but something much more special.

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The special reason?  For a young boy named Evan Leversage.

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Evan was recently diagnosed with cancer, and doctors broke the sad news that he had little time left. When the townspeople found out, they decided to celebrate the special holiday a bit earlier to give the young boy a Christmas memory to keep.

Evan’s family thought it would just be a simple gathering, but their neighbors believed it should be something more than that.




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People said that it was the most beautiful event the whole town has ever witnessed. It proved that they could make someone happy if they work together. A true reflection of the real essence of Christmas.



Check out the videos below.

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