Real-Life Batman Who Visited Hospitals in Costume, Tragically Killed in Batmobile Accident

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Have you seen a real-life Batman who helps people and children?

Meet Lenny Robinson, the man who sold his cleaning business and used his fortune to become a real-life batman and serve a heroic purpose.

Wonder what his goal was for spending almost all of his money? He wanted to become the Batman so he could help terminally ill children by cheering them up and fight their sadness away like what the original Batman does. He goes around town with his Batmobile, carrying gifts for the children.

A group of good samaritans made an organization called  the Superheroes for Kids Incorporated. It is similar to the Justice League, and whose purpose is to help set up costumed visits for sick children.  Robinson was the president of Superheroes for Kids Inc.

He became famous because of a 2012 viral video of cops pulling over his Batmobile. That made way for people to know why he’s dressed like the Batman.  He reportedly spent more than $25,000 of his personal fortune on the toys he gave away to the kids.

But Sunday night, August 16, 2015, children’s favorite Batman was killed in a car accident.

Lenny Robinson wasn’t just riding an ordinary Batmobile, it was a Lamborghini Batmobile.  He went to a West Virginia car show to show off his Batmobile, but when he was driving home, he was hit by a driver in a Camry when he suddenly stopped in the fast lane due to engine trouble.  The driver of the Camry wasn’t seriously hurt, but Robinson was fatally injured.

An excerpt from the report by  The Washington Post revealed what what exactly happened that night:

Robinson had just stopped at a gas station, where he met a family whose children were interested in his custom-made car, Maryland state police in Hagerstown said. Robinson gave the kids some superhero paraphernalia before leaving about the same time as his new acquaintances. When they saw him pull over, they did the same and witnessed the 10:30 p.m. accident, state police said.

It was an unfortunate event for this treasured hero. But we’re sure enough that although Robinson is not here to spread happiness anymore, his story will inspire people to help children the way he did.

Farewell, hero.

Watch his videos here

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