Long Defunct Train Station in Japan Runs Daily Service Just for One Passenger


It is no question that Japan has deep regard for their citizens. Take this heartwarming story for example. In the remote areas of Hokkaido, a lone passenger takes the remote Kami-Shirataki Station—a station kept open until this young high school student graduates.

The story has since gone viral, although there has yet to be a confirmation of its authenticity.

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It is believed that the officials of Japan Railways have long wanted to close the station since it is rarely used, but upon finding there is a young girl taking the train each day, they keep it open for her.

For years, this has been the passenger’s practice. The train makes two stops: one is to pick her up and second is to bring her home. The railway could have been defunct, but because of the country’s solidarity and belief in the Japanese youth, it is still operating until now.

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