Veteran Evicted From Home …See How a Community Pulls Together For Him

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Johnnie Hodges, a Navy who fought in the Second World War, had to give up so much for his wife, Flora, who suffered from Alzheimer’s disease in 2014.

When his wife was still alive, Johnnie spent all his remaining energy on giving her all the care and attention she needed. For Johnnie, the way he took care of his wife was something he was proud of.

No one knew how hard those times were for Johnnie, not even his children. His daughter, Robin Hodges, shared, “It didn’t matter to him because all that mattered was caring for my mother.”

When it was time for Johnnie to vacate their house, he did not want to go without trying one last time to fight for it. But still, he was forced to move out. The police even strapped him to a stretcher just to get him away. The scene, caught in photos, was a sad scene, with some saying it was unjust.





Seeing the war veteran getting caught in a bad situation, local businessman Greg Elwood looked for possible ways to help Johnnie. He asked for some donations and was able to raise a total of $110,000. Cong. Brian Higgins and HUD also lent a hand and thus Johnnie was able to buy back his home.



Johnnie couldn’t contain his happiness when he learned he could keep the place that holds his memories of his departed wife. He said, “There’s no place like home. I am so grateful that I am back to stay. And I am never leaving again!”



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