VIDEO: Shocking Social Experiment …What Happens When We Find Wallet?


If, by chance, you pass by a busy street and happen to see a wallet but you don’t know whose it is, what would you do with it? Would you spend the money that’s in it?

The YouTube channel DennesCeeTv made a social experiment entitled What Would You Do with a Lost Wallet? To start the experiment, a man would intentionally drop his wallet, which contained his personal information, credit cards, and a hundred dollars. It aims to know what the finders will do with the lost wallet.

The first few victims tried to call his attention shortly after they saw him drop the wallet. Others even picked it up for him and gave it back. But there’s this one guy who did something that became the highlight of the whole experiment.



The guy opened the wallet to check what was inside as soon as he picked it up. The men behind the experiment followed him behind from when he got hold of the wallet till he entered the mall premises.

They saw him enter a store, holding a blue credit card that was exactly the same as the one on the wallet. He then went inside a shoe shop and used the same blue credit card.





He took out something from the wallet as soon as he got out of mall, and they realized that he it was the owner’s ID he was holding. He then started walking, until they figured out that he was actually looking for the wallet’s owner’s home. The man exerted an effort to go to his home just to return the wallet.


The owner then asked the man if he did use his credit card, but the man said that he didn’t have the right to because it was not his. He then took out a similar credit card from his own wallet.

Before the owner let the man go, he gave him money as a token of gratitude for going the extra mile just to return the wallet. He refused it at first, but the owner of the wallet insisted that he should take it.

The social experiment proved something worth pondering upon, that there are still people who are living up to the morals we all thought were gone.



Watch the full experiment here.

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