Viral Photo of Guy Sharing Fries and Water to Homeless Woman

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Little acts of kindness means a whole lot to others, even if you don’t know it, especially for those who do not have much in their life.

That is why the story of Jason Loose, a 20-year-old Arizona State University grad, went viral all over the Web.

Loose was working abroad in the Jiangsu province in China. One day, he was walking down the Nanjing Street when he noticed a barefoot elderly woman who was also homeless. What urged him to approach the woman was that he thought that she looked lonely. He has time to spare, anyways, according to him, so why not help her?

Guy Sharing Fries and Water to Homeless Woman



After sitting down with her, Loose offered and shared his McDonald’s French fries and bottled water, and they talked for a few minutes.

Guy Sharing Fries and Water to Homeless Woman

His little deed fueled the compassion of people from social networking sites to help the less fortunate. Ever since, he was dubbed as ”Brother Fries” by the locals.

Still, Loose remained humble. “I just gave some food that isn’t really even healthy to an old woman and talked with her for a few minutes,” he stated to the Los Angeles Times. “I don’t see much that’s newsworthy about that.”

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