Waiter Receives $5,000 Tip on $26 Bill to Buy New Car After He Lost His to a Thunderstorm


D’Amico’s in Houston, Texas, is probably the best place to dig some good luck in.

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After his Nissan car was destroyed in a thunderstorm, Greg Rubar, 43, had always had trouble arriving on time to his work at an Italian eatery. Because he suddenly had to catch a bus or cab to reach to his destination, he’s often a few minutes late.


So a generous couple, whom he has known for more than 11 years now, shelled out $5,000 on their $26 tab to help him buy a new car. Mr. Rubar, who has been working at the restaurant for 19 years, was shocked to receive such big amount.


The couple were enjoying their potato cabbage soup together with their child when Mr. Rubar arrived. They waited until he showed up to give him the tip.


When Greg finally showed up, the man approached him with an envelop and simply said, “Go buy yourself a car.” Surprised by what happened, he thanked him a lot and did not bother to look inside. He was amazed for the second time when he saw the $5,000 cash inside.


Rubar was very thankful since he was financially struggling at the moment. The couple, who asked to remain unknown, believed that someone as hard-working as Greg should not suffer from something out of his control.

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