This Waitress Received an Unexpected Reward After Paying for Firefighter’s Breakfast …So Heartwarming


Being kind has its rewards, but you never know what you’ll get from helping other people or doing good deeds. They say blessings come to good people, but no one really knows what those blessings are. You might be paid back here on earth or in heaven, but either way, if you are one who truly has a good heart, the mere feeling of having helped others is good enough for you.

But when a good karma strikes, you know it’s going to be wonderful. Like the story of Liz Woodward, a waitress at Route 130 Diner in Delran, New Jersey, who treats two firefighters for breakfast, then gives them a note that touches their hearts.

Apparently, not only does Liz have the good looks, she also has a good heart.

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Here’s how their story went.

Firefighters Tim Young and Paul Hullings came up to Woodward and asked for the strongest coffee because they were exhausted battling against a huge fire in the neighborhood that lasted for twelve hours. Liz accidentally heard their conversation and was touched by the hard work and dedication of the firefighters, so she decided to pay for their breakfast. Instead of giving them the bill, she gave them a note to show appreciation for their work.

Liz wrote this simple note for the firefighters:



Young and Hullings were touched by her kindness, so they decided to post the receipt tampered with the note on it. The picture gained many praises from netizens and made her as an example that you don’t need to show other people what good you’ve done, just keep it in you that you felt happy by making someone happy.

To pay her back, at first, the firefighters asked their friends to give Liz a big tip if they ever encounter her at the diner; but later on, they found out that Liz was raising funds for her father’s wheelchair-accessible vehicle. They knew she’s broke, but she still treated them with a nice strong coffee.

Upon knowing her situation, the firefighters  decided to repost their story on the Internet and organized a fundraising campaign for Woodward’s father’s wheelchair-accessible vehicle.


The campaign was named Liz’s GoFundMe Campaign, and it made a huge amount of donation, reaching over $70,000, way higher than their $17,000 goal for the vehicle!


Liz didn’t expect for things to turn out the way it did. Little did she know that her simple act of kindness would fulfill her dream to buy a wheelchair-accessible vehicle for her dad.This truly means that good things happen to good people, and being kind has its rewards.



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