This Dog Trainer Walked into a Puppy Mill and Saved 526 Pups


Puppy mills are horrible places. The dogs are usually found in terrible conditions and becomes a breeding ground for disease. Dog trainer Victoria Stilwell led an operation to save some dogs that were in a huge puppy mill that had been in operation since the 1980s.

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After the operation, 546 dogs were removed from the puppy mill and taken to a local animal to wait for a hopeful adoption.

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The whole community showed up on adoption day, and all the dogs found a family to go home with.






The people running the puppy mill were found guilty of 25 charges of animal cruelty, and were sentenced to jail for 25 years.







A year after the rescue, the owners of the rescue dogs came together for a special party to honor all those who saved the lives of the 526 puppies.

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All animals deserve to be treated with respect.





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